Personalized Wallets for men and women

Buy Online Customized Leather Wallet and Keychain Sets, Personalized with Picture and Name 

Explore our selection of personalized leather wallet and keychain sets, available for purchase online. These sets are expertly customized with your choice of picture and name, making them perfect gifts.

Personalized gifts hold a cherished spot in the world of gifting, and among them, leather wallets adorned with custom pictures or names hold a particularly special significance.

Our personalized men's and women's leather wallet keychain sets offer quality comparable to brands like Jaffarjees and other wallet brands, all at an affordable price.

Within our customized leather collection, we offer the following categories:

  1. Name Printed Wallet: Have any name of your choice elegantly printed on the wallet. Whether you're selecting a wallet set gift for your husband or wife, Toobas in Pakistan ensures you get the best gift shopping experience.

  2. Leather Name Wallets for Women: A perfect gift for your mother, sister, or wife. When searching for a gift for her, this choice stands out as the best.

  3. Long Coat Wallets: These wallets feature a larger capacity and a spacious design.

  4. Engraved Wallets: Permanently engraved pictures make these wallets a lasting, memorable gift for your loved ones on special occasions.

In addition to our personalized leather wallet and keychain sets, we provide a range of value-added products to complement your gift-giving experience. Our offerings include

  • Customized Metal Wallet Cards: Elevate your wallet game with personalized metal cards that fit seamlessly into your wallet, adding a touch of uniqueness to your daily carry.

  • Small Wallets for Girls and Boys: Explore our selection of compact and stylish wallets designed specifically for young individuals, making them ideal gifts for both girls and boys.

  • Personalized Leather Keychains: Add a personal touch to your keyring with leather keychains customized with names or pictures, ensuring that your keys are both practical and sentimental.

  • Customized Name Pens: Make a statement with customized pens featuring names or special messages