About Us

Tooba's Online gifts is a customized gifts portal in pakistan , Our unique gifts or personalized gifts can help you celebrate relations in your way. Tooba's offer a huge range of personalized Gifts, Including customized leather gifts, Customized wooden gifts, Customized printed mugs, Customized t-shirts, Customized frames and a variety of Gifting products.

We have seven retail outlets and are planning significantly expand in Pakistan both in retail and online. Customized gifts as in wallets, lockets, frames, metal cards and much more, Home or office accessories have also been added. Made to order and engraving are also some of the services provided.

The company was founded in October 2018.

Despite the fact that our products are customized/personalized, We are able to produce a the quantities required to run a nationwide chain of Made in Pakistan products, and manage to maintain our quality and innovative designs.